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The witness tree shown was drawn by a gentleman named Ted Drummond. He was a 30 year employee for DOI and drew the current Interior seal (with the buffalo). The tree drawing was first used in a Corner Restoration Circular in 1952, shortly after GLO became BLM. He and others drew some great pictures of survey evidence and restoration processes.


Witness Tree Consulting provides four distinct services

Seminar Services for Professional Associations

Your state or local (Chapter) Professional organizations have used Dennis Mouland for 31 years at over 300 conferences and workshops. Click here for a list of seminar topics available for your association.

Quality Continuing Education via "Distance" for individual Professional Surveyors

We don't think continuing education should be BORING or EXPENSIVE. We have initially developed five different courses for you to download and use as credit for your mandatory or voluntary continuing education needs. Click here to see a list of the available course topics and their costs.

Advertised Courses brought to your area

Periodically we advertise and produce a quality course in your state, offering alternatives to Distance Learning, conference attendance at far-away locations, or other means of meeting your education goals and needs. Courses shown as "sponsored by WTC" are the courses we are offering independent of any professional associations. Click here to see where we will be.

Consulting Services on Complex Boundary Projects

Whether it is a riparian issue, complex PLSS problems involving completion or extension surveys, or you just want another set of eyes to review your boundary work, we are here to help. Click here for the Contact page.