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The witness tree shown was drawn by a gentleman named Ted Drummond. He was a 30 year employee for DOI and drew the current Interior seal (with the buffalo). The tree drawing was first used in a Corner Restoration Circular in 1952, shortly after GLO became BLM. He and others drew some great pictures of survey evidence and restoration processes.

Distance Education Topics for Download

Course Number Course Title Length* Cost Instructor ORDER
XBT1 Controlling Intermediate Corners in the PLSS 4 hours $65 Mouland Available Call or email
XBT2 Subdivision of Fractional Sections 4 hours $65 Mouland Available Call or email
XBT3 Dealing with the latitudinal curve in the PLSS 4 hours $65 Mouland Available Call or email
XBT4 Corner Evidence Analysis 8 hours $125 Mouland Available Call or email
XBT5 Witness Corner Procedures under the 2009 Manual 1 hours FREE Mouland Available Call or email
XBT6 Ethics for the Professional Surveyor 4 hours $65 Mouland Available Call or email
XBT7 Lotted Sections Workshop 8 hours $125 Mouland Available Call or email

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If after taking one of our distance courses you feel you have not learned anything useful to your career, we will gladly refund your fee. Our courses are truly educational, not just time to spend to get your credits.


The length of our courses follow standard continuing education and higher education policies. A full "hour" of education is equivalent to 50 minutes of time. In courses where we require you to do some significant reading, computation, plat review or research, some time will be allotted to that effort. Further, users should understand there is a significant compression of courses when done in a DL format. In a normal 50 minutes of live class at a conference or in a University classroom, there are interruptions, questions, and other organizational issues. In designed and recorded DL these time consuming items are eliminated. This results in some subjects being presented in several minutes less than a live course.


Our DL courses are in one of two formats. Some are designed to run with Adobe Reader version 9 or higher. Others are built as mp4's which allows a far wider range of devices for watching the course. We are slowly moving all courses to the mp4 format. If for some reason you are unable to view a course in the format provided, we will gladly re-produce it in a format you can use or advice you on other solutions.


Are these courses approved by the State Boards? While about 75% of the states have some form of mandatory continuing education requirement, only a handful require pre-approval. It is up to you to know this, and to know how your state(s) measure and award credits. If you need to submit data on one of our courses for pre-approval, we will be glad to provide you the course outline and goals, and an instructor bio for your submission to them for approval.  For the majority of the states, your certificate of completion from one of our courses is all you will need to prove your adherence to their policies. Please see our FAQ page for more information.